Project 1

Location: Croydon Technical College

Description of works:

Installation of 6 no. (6 mega watt) gas boilers, LPHW CT & VT Heating, Hot & Cold Water, Drainage, Ventilation and BMS Controls to replace existing oil system.

Project 1- Croydon College.jpg

A key factor of our brief for this project was that the College had to remain operational throughout, with an uncompromised heating system.

In order to achieve this, we designed and commissioned a temporary oil heating system capable of supplying the entire College with adequate heating and hot water throughout the duration of the project. The temporary system was housed in containers located in the College car park around 100m away from the existing boiler house. With the new 6 no. gas boilers installed, a seamless transition from the temporary system to the new was carried out with no disruption to the College, staff or students.

Since the installation we have provided both planned and reactive maintenance to all the College’s electrical and mechanical assets.


Location: Grove End Gardens, London

Description of works:

Installation of complete boosted water system, holding tanks, including BMS controls within a private apartment block supplying 600 units.

All works carried out while building remained occupied and operational.

Project 2 - Groves end garden.jpg
Project 1 - Mech 6.jpg




Refurbishment / change of use of a five-storey building from classrooms to teaching workshops for electrical, carpentry and plumbing as well as gas workshops.

Complete rip-out, removal of internal walls, ceilings, fixtures and fittings. Installation of new partition walls and supporting beams to accommodate reconfiguration. Upgrade of heating and electrical systems with newly positioned radiators, lighting, HVAC and finally freshly decorated.

All works carried out under the designated time frame of 12 weeks allowing the refurbished building to be used by the staff and students on their return after a well earned summer break.

Project 3 - refurb 18.JPG

project 4

location: Queen Marys hospital, london

description of works:

Installation within existing hospital plant room of 5 no. non-storage medium temperature calorifiers and new pipework headers complete with BMS controls, bringing the system up to date for such an important building in London.

All works carried out during operational hours with two separate hand-overs from the old to the new system.

Project 3 - Guildford College.jpg
Project 3 - refurb 12.JPG
Project 3 - refurb 17.JPG
Project 4 - St Marys Hospital.jpg

project 5

location: european scan centre, 68 harley street, london

description of works:

Project 5 - Harley Street.jpg

At the time of the project our client was introducing the first body / CT scanner into the UK and we were lucky enough to provide the required electrical, mechanical and HVAC.

We carried out the design and installation of the cooling system needed to ensure the scanner ran at its optimum temperature and didn’t over heat. The system comprised 2 no. Denko chillers mounted in a lightwell with an internal fan system located around the scanner providing the regulated temperature required.

The system was fitted with BMS controls, allowing the client and operator to adjust and monitor the performance of the system.